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The economy as we know it is experiencing a shift from a fast-declining phase to a slow rising phase. The question is, what is your ROI strategy?

Everyone knows the best time to invest in real-estate is during a recession; this is when the price of landed properties is at the lowest. In other words, the best time to have invested in Ibeju-Lekki was three years ago.

Let’s just say if you missed this opportunity, the next time to do it is now…Today!
“I recently bumped into an old friend, Olatunji. We talked about life and all its hurdles but what stood out from our hours of talking over drinks was a very smart investment decision Ola had made. Five years ago, Ola had gotten two plots of land at Ibeju-Lekki at N1,000,000 each and then just at the beginning of this year, he sold those same plots for N4,500,000 each. That’s an ROI of 450% in five years. Awesome! He told me he’s going further down to get more lands and wait.”

What’s the guarantee that you’d get a high ROI on your investments when you invest in LekkiVale?

Simple: Where demand exceeds supply, price increases.


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See The Numbers:

455km2 is the total surface area of Ibeju-Lekki. This number isn’t increasing anytime soon. (Except they begin manufacturing land).
A projected number of 500,000 people are expected to move into this region by 2020 (barely 2 years from now). This figure is expected to cater to the labour demand of the growing industrial zone. These people would need houses.
Lagos currently has a population of about 21,000,000 people, a number that keeps increasing annually and thus, expanding to fill up ‘remote’ areas.

Why LekkiVale Estate?

LekkiVale Estate is strategically located along the Lekki-Epe expressway, opposite the New International Airport and an ample distance from the Dangote Refinery (No pollution issues).

It has 100% dry land and drains immediately after rainfall.

Very affordable with available flexible payment plans.

Has a valid C of O.

We operate a transparent sales process. We’ll walk you through the sales process, you can schedule a site visitation at your convenience and we encourage our clients to verify all land documents.


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Call in today at 0908123456409095757575. Send us an email at and let us give you the investment of a lifetime.

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We look forward to having you as one of our many happy clients!



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