What It Takes To Turn Your House Into A Home 

What It Takes To Turn Your House Into A Home 

There is no place like home!

It’s a tough world out here; you have to deal with work, traffic, school, meeting deadlines, achieving goals, colleagues and many other factors out of your control. The one place in the world you can truly call yours is your home.

Tell me about the home of your dreams…

Science says that the environment you live in greatly affects your wellbeing and longevity. As humans, our home is where we reveal our true personalities. From the colour of the walls we choose to the texture of the sofa we sit on. But, you don’t need science to explain the joy that comes from owning a home, your own house!                                                                                                                                                    Do you see your home as a sanctuary and a harbour of joyful of memories?                                              We can help you find out.

All You Need To Know About Land Documents In Nigeria

How would you feel about a home that envelops all the following factors:

Comfort                                                                                                                                                      First off, this is your own familiar space. Although joy, peace and happiness cannot be bought, you can certainly buy comfort and you should. Imagine having 24/7 electricity, constant supply of treated running water and ample parking space, and the freedom to revel the beauty of rich horticulture.

Identity                                                                                                                                                         My cousin recently got herself a two-bedroom apartment. She instantly transformed her bedroom into a haven colour. She even painted her ceiling purple. She explained there’s an amazing feeling that comes with buying a house. A place you can transform to suit your taste without having to explain yourself to anyone.

Security                                                                                                                                                      One of the few things you can guarantee yourself and your family is having a safe place to lay your head every night. You and your family deserve security, if not, why even bother working so hard?                    Your own bed is usually always the best of all. If you’ve ever travelled, you can tell the agony that comes from sleeping on a bed that’s not yours. For me, my bed is one of my best places on earth.

Happiness                                                                                                                                                   You cannot buy happiness, literally. But, a place where you can be yourself, be with family and have friends over is definitely a recipe for happiness. Home is where you can create memories that will last a lifetime. Home is a happy place!

Did You Say You Can’t Afford it? You Might Just Be Wrong

Since you’re here …

… We’ve got the best deal for you. Buying a house is a huge decision to make. There’s a lot to choose from and a lot of uncertainties and paperwork, not to mention they cost money. Let’s narrow it down for you. Rosewood Residences located in the heart of the Lekki Peninsula encapsulates all it takes to give you a home. We’ve aligned all the factors necessary to give you the type of comfort and luxurious lifestyle you deserve:

  • A home located within the urban area of Lekki
  • 24/7 electricity and water supply
  • Ample, underground parking space
  • A valid C of O

What’s more, we’ve got all these for you at the most affordable price possible. So, why should you bother calling us today?                                                                                                                                             …Because we understand what Home means to you.

Don’t Buy A House Without Considering These Factors

Don’t Buy A House Without Considering These Factors

The Ultimate Home Buyer’s Checklist

Thinking of buying a home? Your first home perhaps…
Buying a house is a big deal but after the initial excitement passes, it might seem a little overwhelming. There are factors you need to take into consideration to ensure you make the best deal available to you. Below is a list of factors you can adopt to make your home buying process effortless and exciting.

Find a Real Estate Agent
You’ve probably never considered this but before making a move to buy a house, getting a professional real-estate agent decreases the burden of finding the right house in a favourable location at the right price. Getting an efficient real-estate agent can save you tons of energy and time, which would have been otherwise spent tracking down information.

Even better, you can seek the services of a real-estate company, who owns or market real-estate properties. There are a good number of reputable real-estate firms you can work with here in Lagos. Here are some tips to help you get started:
-Choose a real-estate firm that has built a reputable brand name.
-Choose a real-estate agent or company who’s willingly to share all the information you need in detail.
-Work with a firm or agent you’re comfortable with. Sometimes trusting your guts when it comes to choosing who to work with counts.

Get Your Finances in Order
One of the main reasons buying a house is such a huge deal is largely due to the financial commitment required. Once you’ve decided to purchase a house, determine which mode of payment suits your budget. If you’re going for a full down payment (which is typically cheaper comparatively) bargain for the best deal possible. Find out if there are any other fees required other than the cost stated.
If you’re opting for instalment payments, get your account in order and set aside funds for prompt payment. It’s quite common for people to borrow funds to pay for a house. Before opting for this option ensure you’ve taken into consideration the interest rates and how much the loan actually costs.
Most real estate companies offer flexible payment options for up to 12 months. Seek out options that suit your budget.

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Determine the type of house you need
Let’s face it when it comes to making home buying decisions; what we want, what we need and what we can afford are three different things. First, identify what you need to make your home comfortable.      Here’s a head start:
-Constant treated running water.
-Constant power supply
-Security and access control
-Proximity to the workplace, hospitals, schools, etc.
-Is the property on a flood plain?
-Available rooms
The list varies depending on your specific needs. Answers like, how big your family is, would determine the number of rooms you should be looking for.
Questions like, how long would you like to live in a particular area? What is your necessary level of privacy? Are you buying as a means to invest? All these and more, ensure the house you’re planning to buy has all it needs to become home for you.

Read on top ways to save and invest in real estate.

Title of the property
Make sure the property you’re looking to buy has the appropriate land documents. Ask for copies of the documents from your seller or realtor and make proper enquiries. Needless to say that, you shouldn’t pay for any property in Lagos without verifying the authenticity of its land documents.

Since you’re here…
Let’s Get You The Perfect Home
We understand what choosing the right home means to you and so, we’ve got just the perfect home that you’ll absolutely love.
Rosewood Residences located in the heart of the Lekki Peninsula encapsulates all it takes to give you a home. We’ve aligned all the factors necessary to give you the type of comfort and luxurious lifestyle you deserve:
Every aspect of Rosewood Residences radiates a lifestyle of sheer relaxation and soft elegance, well deserving for you.
From the designed buildings to our unmatched amenities offering:
• A central connection of treated running water
• 24 hours centrally generated power supply
• Well paved roads and covered drainages
• Top notch 24 hours security and access control
• Sewage treatment
• Underground parking lot
• Green areas and Kids Park
• Swimming pool
• Clubhouse

For more detailed information about getting the best real-estate deals in Lagos call us today at 09081234564/ 09095757575. Send us an email at info@sevicpdc.com and let us give you the investment of a lifetime.


Six Things to Consider Before You Make Investment Decisions in 2019

Six Things to Consider Before You Make Investment Decisions in 2019

It’s another new year, 2019!

After all the hullabaloo of the first week, the reality of the New Year quickly sets in. Usually, there’s always the tendency to overestimate what you can do in a year financially. With the current turn of events in the economy coupled with the unpredictable political situation; there’s heavy speculation about everything.

How do you place yourself in the position to weather the economic and political uncertainties of this New Year?

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Here are six points to consider while making investment and financial decisions in 2019:

  1. Invest Wisely

As with most New Year beginnings, one goal that tops most lists is to increase financial returns. To invest more, you need to save more. Investing is an absolute nrcessity to achieve your long term financial goals. Saving more entails cutting back on unnecessary spending. it’s critical to consider the volatility of the economy in making your investment decisions.

Whatever your current finances are, seek to make changes to your investment portfolio.

  1. Draw a personal financial roadmap

One of the primary reasons why most goals fail is the lack of tactical planning.

Before making any investment decision, take a second and critically analyse your financial situation. Decide the results you would want to see in the future and state exactly what you must do to achieve your figure; that’s right, make sure you write your target figure.

The next step to drafting your financial roadmap is identifying your risk tolerance level. With most investment opportunities you could either generate profits or make a loss. There’s no knowing where you could make the most money. However, there are less risky investment ventures – this is where you should focus on. When you get your facts right and follow through on your financial plans, you should be able to gain financial security over a period of time.

  1. Evaluate your capacity in taking on risk

All investments involve some degree of risk. Investments like purchasing securities like stocks, bonds, or mutual funds entail a greater amount of risk. You could lose some or all your money and in the same way, you could gain a whole lot of money.

On the other hand, the risk of investing in real estate is relatively lower and the turn over takes a longer time period. However, real-estate investments serve as an ideal long-term investment that can yield sustainable profits.

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  1. Create and maintain an emergency fund.

Life is highly unpredictable. While is optimistic to hope for the best. It’s wise to have a contingency plan. Smart investors always put money aside to cover any sudden emergency like a sudden illness, family issues, sudden unemployment and any other issues that might arise.

  1. Diversify your investment portfolio

The ideal way to go about investing is diversifying your investments into short-term and long-term investments. Each category has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, investing solely in cash, investments may be appropriate for short-term financial goals, but the main concern here is the risk of inflation.

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Meanwhile, long-term investments remain a substantial way to secure retirement funds, while achieving long term financial goals. Investing in real estate particularly in Lagos state is one way of investing that you can hardly go wrong in. The key in real estate is to ensure all the determinants are in a place like the location, title of the property, growth potential and zonal laws.

  1. Stick with Your Plan

Rule of thumb: always Buy Low and Sell High. The number one goal for investing is always to make a profit. Ensure you shift your money to the most profitable ventures. It’s important to do your research and determine which venture is profitable and what’s an utter waste of time. Rebalance your portfolio regularly; many financial experts recommend rebalancing your investment portfolios every six or twelve months.

  1. Avoid circumstances that can lead to fraud

Scam artists follow the headlines, too. That’s how they know how to trick you. Avoid quick money schemes (Ponzi schemes) and business deals that seem fraudulent. Don’t be easily cajoled by highly publicized potential investors and “opportunities” that may sound legitimate. Ask questions. Take out time to carry out your research and seek answers from unbiased sources before investing.

Since you’re here…

We’ve got the best real estate deals for you that can guarantee up to 400% return on investment in less than five years.  All our properties are strategically located with the right land documents (valid C of O) and the perfect payment plans to fit seamlessly with your budget.

Call in today to get the best land and house deals. If you aren’t looking to invest in real estate, I’m sure you know someone who’s interested. Pass this information on!

For more detailed information about getting the best real-estate deals in Lagos call us today at 09081234564/ 09095757575. Send us an email at info@sevicpdc.com and let us give you the investment of a lifetime.


What Is Land Flipping And Why You Should Get Involved

What Is Land Flipping And Why You Should Get Involved

We all procrastinate at some point in our lives like, waiting to the last minute to complete a project or waiting to the last day to take advantage of a discount. One of the reasons why we procrastinate is our need for wanting everything to be perfect before starting out. This is exactly why those who’re able to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves, reap huge profits. One of such opportunities is land flipping.

What is a ‘Land Flip’

A land flip is a type of real-estate investment that involves buying lands at a low price and selling at higher prices to make huge profits. This type of real-estate investment is profitable when land buyers buy land in an area that’s rapidly growing. You can make up to 300% on your investment in a few months or in some cases a few years.

Reasons why land flipping is an incredible form of reaping profits

Value Appreciation Of Land

The value of land compared to other forms of investments like cryptocurrency or stocks doesn’t fluctuate over time. Preferably, the value of land appreciates by day. In Lagos in particular, the value of land (depending on the location) can increase by up to 30% in one year. Certain areas like Lekki Phase 1 have seen a 500% value appreciation in the cost of land in just five years.

Lower Maintenance Cost

Land unlike other forms of real-estate investments require minimal maintenance. With buildings, you’d need to renovate frequently to maintain the integrity of the property. With land, you can let it sit fallow for years without spending much in maintenance and it will still appreciate in value. Land flipping is the ideal business for people who have low start-up capital and still want to reap huge profits within a short time period.

Ease Of Managing The Investment

One of the downsides of other forms of real-estate investments like rental properties is dealing with tenants, tax issues and other issues associated with maintaining buildings. We all know the stress that property owners face when it comes to relationships with tenants, government, etc. One bad tenant could cause a landlord to incur unnecessary expenses or deal with delayed payments. Flipping lands cut off all these contingencies. Plus, it’s easier to sell lands.

Read more on how to recognise a good land sales deal

Ease Of Sale

With lands, there’s relatively no need for special effects pictures or need much advertisement before selling the land. All you need is buy land in a fast developing area and wait for buyers to come knocking at your door, plus it’s easier not to have any emotional attachments on lands. It’s possible to resell land without the help of a realtor. You can take advantage of the many websites available to get the deal closed from the comfort of your room. The simplicity and stability that comes with owning the right piece of land, bought at the reasonable price, surpasses a wide range of problems that come with other forms of problems involved in other types of real-estate investments.

Land Investors Have Very Little Competition to Deal With

Buying land spares you the stiff competition that comes with every other property on the market. Plus, as a land investor, you can call your own shots.

How To Make Money Flipping Lands

The key to making money from land flipping is determining the most advantageous location. Like we said earlier, people generally procrastinate doing important stuff like investing in areas that are developing. Most people would rather wait until the area has attracted value and relatively more costly before investing. Significant examples of this is the current rush to own property in areas like Lekki, V.I, Ikeja and many others.

What makes a smart land flipper is the ability to identify potential high viable areas and buy lands while the prices are still relatively low and then wait for the ‘procrastinators.’

Olatunji discovered this the easy way, and he has this to say,

“By this time five years ago, I had a pump in my salary, and I was actively looking for opportunities to invest. After going through a couple of options, I decided to invest in buying two plots of land at Ibeju-Lekki at N 800, 000 each. At that time, it seemed odd, all my friends asked why I would go so far to buy land. I reasoned that, if a Free Trade Zone was taking root there, it was only a matter of time before the value of lands around there appreciates. Anyway, I recently resold these two plots for N 5, 300,000 each. That’s an ROI 662.5% in five years. If I waited for a little over two years, I’d have undoubtedly made a 1000% ROI. I’m going further down to acquire more lands and wait.”

To make huge profits in flipping lands, follow these tips:

  1. Research thoroughly, pick out areas that are rapidly developing, have the potential for developing in future or already developed areas. Depending on the location and economic viability, certain areas mature faster than others. If you’re opportune to acquire land in a more developed area at a fair price, go for it. More developed areas are the easiest to flip in a couple of months and earn profits compared to developing areas. Developing areas may require a couple of years to fully appreciate.
  2. Ensure that the seller is the rightful owner of the land and has complete land documents including a Certificate of Occupancy or a Governor’s Consent. Avoid lands with inconclusive land titles like Excision in Process or Gazettes. Since you’re reselling, you must avoid getting caught up in land title issues. Go for clear, genuine lands with the appropriate land titles.
  3. If you’ve secured the perfect land at an ideal location, do some work on the land. Clear the land, create a path or road to the land. Get a surveyor to get the area marked and craft a brilliant description of the area; highlighting advantages to cajole a potential buyer to opt in.
  4. If you cannot write professionally, employ the services of experts in the field and then, run adverts on the land, utilizing the numerous social media sites and other forms of advertisement.
  5. Avoid getting attached to any property, so it’s easy to let go and sell to someone else. Always keep in mind that it is business, and you’re out to make a profit.


Interested in venturing to invest in real estate? We’ve got a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in Ibeju-Lekki. LekkiVale Estate located along the Lekki-Epe expressway opposite the proposed New International Airport with a valid C of O is our fastest selling estate with ROI of up to 450% in the next three to four years.

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Call in today at 09081234564/09095757575. Send us an email at info@sevicpdc.com and let us give you the investment of a lifetime.


Why You Should Insist On Verifying Land Titles Before Buying Land 

Why You Should Insist On Verifying Land Titles Before Buying Land 

This is a story based on real-life events. 

Segun Abeju is a businessman who decided to invest in real estate. His decision was based on the need to secure a long-term investment and a retirement plan. After talking to an old friend about his plans, his friend came up with a fantastic idea that could save him some good money. Apparently, his friend claimed to associate with a family who was selling out parts of their large estate at a give-away price at Sangotedo. 

Segun saw this as an excellent opportunity to cash in, coupled with the fact that his friend was handling the transaction. Right away, he made the first deposit of N4,000, 000 to his friend’s account. Later that week, his friend scheduled a site visitation to inspect the land. Segun noticed the shabby signboard at the entrance, but his friend argued that it was a family property, hence its shabby nature. Segun didn’t mind, after all the land reportedly had a C of O; he didn’t know much about land verification process and he really didn’t want to bother himself with all that stress.

Two weeks passed after the site visitation and Segun hadn’t heard a word from his friend. He tried calling him yet no response, it became one story after the other. But, after about a month of no responseSegun decided to take matters into his hand and went out to check the land and get in touch with the family that owned the land. 
To his surprise, everything had been an act; there were no signboard and even the man. His friend had brought claiming was the first son of the family was nothing but a paid actor. It turned out the land belonged to the government.
For months Segun struggled to get a hold of his friend, which he later found out had travelled out of the country. Segun couldn’t believe it, in his words, “God will punish all those peopleit will never be well with them. I cannot believe my own so-called friend did this to me.

As sad as it sounds, Segun is just one out of the many Nigerians that fall into the trap of fraudsters. When it comes to acquiring propertyverification is a crucial process. It doesn’t just end at inspecting the property. You need to ensure the land you saw falls within the coordinates of the survey plan.

Recently, we had another client who had been previously cajoled into buying property he thought had a C of O. It turned out the land document he had seen belonged to another property, completely different from the property he had inspected. 
How is this possible? You might ask. 

Benefits Of Verifying Land Documents:

  • It assures proof beyond doubt of the validity and ownership of the property.
  • It acts as a form of insurance.
  • It also gives you the freedom to do anything you wish to do with the property; be it construction or re-selling.

The fact isit goes beyond a site inspection, and it’s about longitudes and latitudes. Precision! Always ask for a copy of the land documents. 

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How to Confirm the Authenticity of a Property Title

  • Ask for a copy of a survey plan and get a Surveyor to ensure the site you’ve visited fall within the stipulated survey plan.
  • Ask for a copy of the land document. Check the authencity of land documents at the Land Bureau at Alausa.
  • Schedule a site visitation; ensure the land you visit falls within the coordinates stipulated on the survey plan. At the site, ensure you go with a Surveyor or use a GPS to pick the coordinates of the site.
  • Use the coordinates to cross check what the plot of the land has been set aside for from the Master Plan in the Ministry of Physical Planning. Avoid lands that’s been set aside for agricultural purposes or allocated for government use. Stick to lands allocated for residential purposes.
  • Demand to see the layout plan and pick a suitable plot.
  • Ask Questions about out if there’s any dispute or litigation over the land. Find out if the land was inherited or bought. 
  • Make sure dates check out. Cross-check documents to ensure they aren’t fake. 
  • Documentation is vital for referencing, and you should ensure the documents are detailed.
    Inspection of the Land.
  • Document every single part of the transactions involved in buying land in Nigeria. Every single part of the deal needs to be documented; from the cost of land to the survey fees. Keep every receipt. Treat every land transaction as it should be, a business transaction. 

It doesn’t matter is the person you’re buying from or interfacing with is your uncle, aunty, bossfriendpastor make sure they provide all the documentation you need before proceeding to make payments. 
Also, take the time to read the documents you’re given carefully. 

Read more on how to get the best land deals in Nigeria.

Got Questions? Great! We’d love to help
Call us today to find out more about investing in real estate in Nigeria. You can call us right now to book a land inspection at 09081234564 / 09095757575 or Send us an email at info@sevicpdc.com

Top Five signs you need to own land in Lagos

Top Five signs you need to own land in Lagos

Deciding to buy land in Lagos is not the easiest decision. Buying land requires a financial commitment and appreciates after a number of years. Of course, with the current economic outlook in Nigeria, tying down money isn’t the easiest option.
However, investing in real estate is still one of the safest long-term investment options in Nigeria. If you aren’t already thinking about buying land, here are five top signs that you need to own land in Lagos.

1. You’re Nigerian
Ever heard the saying, everyone is a Lagosian?
Anyone can own acquire property in Lagos and if you’re Nigerian, even better. Lagos is the friendliest state to do business and even if you don’t intend on living in Lagos.
As of 2015, the UN projected Lagos to have an annual growth rate of 6-8% per annum, making her the 11th Mega City in the World. 
Consider this; statistics from the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) indicated that the number of foreigners that come into the country is more than those that left the country within the last five years. A total of 3.72m International travellers crossed Nigerian Borders through five airports, 114 land borders and six seaports. A more detailed report stated that 86 people migrate to Lagos every hour. Of course, the explicable reason for this gross influx of people is the ease of doing business in Lagos.

How can these numbers pay you?
If youre a landowner in Lagos, there’s a high chance of value appreciation of your property irrespective of its location. Of courseareas like IkoyiLekki and its environs tend to reap higher value appreciation.
Regardless of where you are in the worldyou can still own land in Lagos and you should.

2. You Have Savings Account
Letting money sit in your savings account will hardly make you richer.                                                     

“How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case. – Robert G. Allen

Although buying land can be a huge financial commitment, it definitely pays in the long run. While it might be a clever idea to hold on until you’ve saved enough, the reality is, the cost of land hardly ever goes down (depending on the location). 
So, while you waitland gets more expensive plus you’d have to factor in inflation rates.
What does this mean to you?
Depending on the amount, you’ve saved, you can start where you are right now to buy landed property. Of course, just as all fingers are not equalyou might be unable to afford the extremely high-end areas but you can afford growing outskirts. 
An excellent example would be the Ibeju-Lekki region; this region has high growth potential and if you’re looking for a rapid turnover, this is your best bet. 
Plus, buying and maintaining land is a lot cheaper than acquiring property.

Read more on how to get the best land deals in Nigeria.

3. You Have Investment Plans
Everyone knows that investing is the quickest way to build wealth. However, any form of investment involves risks to varying degrees. Although quite debatable, investing in real estate is the safest investment option in Nigeria. The good part is, anyone can invest in real estate. You don’t have to be a land expert to buy land. Your question should be where to invest in.
Buying land enables you to build equity invaluable assets that can be sold for cashused as collateral or used to fund other projects.
Once you’ve found a suitable property with valid land documents, make the move! 

4. You Need A Retirement Plan
As you get olderyou would need a steady flow of income and being a landlord in Lagos gives you so much financial leverage. 
Lagos is the most expensive city in West Africa to rent a house. The spike in rents is triggered by the high demand for houses and even land. Most of the influential families who have properties in V.IIkeja, and Ikoyi, etc. predominantly live on the proceeds from their properties.
Even better, it serves as an incredible way of passing something on to your children. Let’s just say, unless you’ve mapped out and hoarded for yourselves the absolute retirement fund, you should carefully consider venturing into property acquisition.

5. You have a luxury car or two
Nigeria is the number one buyer of cars in Africa, with Lagos incubating majority of these car owners. 
once saw a social media meme that read, “If you live in Lagos, you’d think a Range Rover is N 250, 000.
If you can afford a luxury car then, you can afford to buy landed property and should.
Quick math: 
The depreciation value of an average brand-new car is up to 40% by the end of its first year and this number increases to about 60% by the time the car is three years old. Of course, these statistics vary depending on the brandmileage and other factors.
Let’s compare this to buying a plot of land at Ibeju-Lekki. (I continually mention this region due to its high-value appreciation rate)

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Three years ago, an average 600sq meters with a C of O was sold at 2.8 million. Last year, this price went up to N3.5m and today, the lowest you’d get is N5m.
Can you spot the difference?

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